The B.Y.O.B. Course

Build Your Online Brand using WordPress and establish yourself as a subject-matter expert in your niche! 

Why the B.Y.O.B. Course?

Chances are, you’re here because you’re part of the FIU MSM program and need to learn how to build a site. Or maybe you came across this site and was intrigued in the idea of building your online brand. But, before you dive in, I would love for you to ask yourself these questions:

Whether you’re trying to break through into the marketing field, trying to advance your career, or even running your own business, having an online presence is key to standing out. The B.Y.O.B. course will teach you the steps to build, design, and launch a professional website using WordPress, the platform that supports 33% of websites today!

University Approved

The B.Y.O.B. Course is created with today’s marketing student in mind. This curriculum is currently taught to students of the Master of Science in Marketing program at Florida International University.

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What You'll Learn

I know, it’s a lot of material to learn. The best part about the B.Y.O.B Course everything is broken down into easy steps, at your own pace. You can be a total beginner and still rock this course. Plus, no need for any special program downloads, I’ll show you all the best (& free) resources out there. 

What My Students Say

The B.Y.O.B Course Lesson Plan

A brief overview about WordPress and why we should use it to establish our personal brands.

Before you start building your site, you have to plan it out. Here, we’ll talk branding, deciding what pages our sites will need, and the importance of simple wireframing.

We’ll be getting a domain and host through SiteGround in order to install WordPress. We’ll also cover how to download Google Analytics and how to make our site secure from the start.

Plugins give WordPress sites functionality. We’ll be discussing which plugins you’ll need to get going and how to install them.

WordPress is amazing for posting and publishing content of all kinds. Here, we’ll talk best practices on creating content and learn how to post various types of content using the Block Editor.

We’ll uncover how to pick a theme that suits our style, and then customize it to match our branding.

There’s a few more things to go over before making our site live. 

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